MovieRob Monthly Roundup – January 2016

janHi All!

In continuing with this feature, here is a quick roundup on my reviews of this past month – this is a way you can possibly catch up on reviews or announcements that you perhaps missed.

So here it is: 

  • Number of Movies reviewed – 73  (click here to see all of January’s Reviews)
  • Number of new movies viewed for the first time – 45

How I rated the movies this month:

  • Oscar Worthy – 19
  • Globe Worthy – 29
  • BAFTA Worthy – 15
  • Razzie Worthy – 10
  • Longest Movie watched – The Insider (1999) – 157 Min


      • Worst (or dumbest) movie watched this month
    • Diablo (2015)

In addition to Genre Grandeur, I run a feature called Genre Guesstimation where I review other movies in the monthly GG in order to see whether I think they deserve to be part of my favorites in the given genre!

Thanks to all my loyal followers for helping make this all happen!

BTW, next month’s Genre has been chosen by Dan of Slipthrough Movies We will be reviewing our favorite Crime Movies.

Please get me your submissions by the 25th of February by sending them to  Try to think out of the box! Great choice Dan!

Looking forward to seeing what you all have in mind!

Today is my darling wife O’s 40th Birthday, so I wanted to send HUGE Happy Birthday wishes to Mrs. MovieRob for putting up with all my crap all year 🙂

In addition, later today, I will be revealing my Annual top ten lists; 2015 and First time viewing on pre-2015 movies.  Stay Tuned!

I’m also doing a special project starting tomorrow, look for a post explaining it all in a few hours!

Have a great Oscar Month one and all!



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Let me Know what you think!!

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