That’s So 80’s – Weird Science (1985)

THAT’S SO 80s! takes a nostalgic trip down VHS memory lane, remembering some of the cheesiest movies from one of the cheesiest decades. Fellow movie connoisseur MOVIEROB joins forces with SLIP/THROUGH for a semi-regular column highlighting some of the best scenes (and fashion choices) of the era.

This edition of That’s so 80s gets legendary with WEIRD SCIENCE (1985), a silly comedy about a couple of nerds who want to find the girl of their dreams. Turns out they have the brilliant idea to just make her.

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I saw this film for the first time in the theater at the age of 11 and looking back I honestly can’t believe my parents let me see it.  This is definitely a teen comedy, but the amount of sensual energy and themes are overwhelming for a kid that age.

Loved how this was basically a Frankenstein adaptation with  teens looking for acceptance creating the “monster”.  Instead of wanting to chase the monster away, everyone actually wants to get closer to her and have her like them.

Kelly LeBrock became a household name to boys across the world with this film and she quickly because what we all thought we wanted in a woman.  This was her most popular film and there’s no reason to wonder why.

Anthony Michael Hall and Ilan Mitchell-Smith were both great cast choices here because they really fit the profile of geeky teens who can also become suave at the end.

Bill Paxton plays the perfect “dick” in this film ad I’m glad he wasn’t typecast in roles like this.

It still really amazes me how so many movies knew that computers had so much potential in the future and would become part of our daily lives (not that we can create a woman like this tho)

   Robert Downey Jr. in full 80’s getup 

Talk about having an embarrassing memory from high school


      Didn’t know Sam Elliott was in this one!

The best computer graphics of the 1980’s


  And to think my cellphone is more powerful than this setup

 Hughes always tries to sneak the cubbies into every film

   80’s VJ with 80’s hair on TV

  New hairstyle

       This is the place Jay and  Silent Bob were travelling to in Dogma

What 80’s kid didn’t dream of her???

 Anthony Michael Hall and BB King

 Bill Paxton before people wanted him in their movies

 Hey Granny, maybe gramps will like it if you wear this

 Everyone here is dressed SOOO 80’s


 80’s hairstyles to the T!

 Where did Jabba the Hutt come from??


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