Remember (2015)

 “I didn’t think it was necessary at my age.” – Zevremember

Number of Times Seen – 1 (8 Mar 2016)

Brief Synopsis – Following his wife’s death, a Holocaust survivor goes on a mission to find the man who murdered his family 70 years earlier.

My Take on it – I actually heard about this movie a few weeks ago by accident when I went to IMDB to find out of Martin Landau was still alive and I saw that he made this movie.

Upon further investigation, I realized that this movie deals with two themes that are dear and near to me; The Holocaust and Alzheimer’s (dementia).

I made a note in the back of my mind to eventually see this and earlier this week, my good friend Dan from Slipthrough Movies mentioned this as a prime example of a movie made by a Canadian film maker…and I “Remembered” to seek out and watch this movie 🙂

On my mother’s side of the family, most of the women have had some form of Alzheimer’s or Dementia and watching them deteriorate mentally was not an easy thing.

Being Jewish and having distant relatives exterminated during WWII by the Nazis and knowing many survivors, I have always been intrigued by stories about how they survived both physically and mentally during those very trying and difficult times.

This story was told in an extraordinary fashion because we got to learn so much about all the characters by things they said or did without them needing to use flashbacks.

This is a low budget film but it has an amazing cast who were able to help and facilitate this story; Christopher Plummer, Martin Landau, Bruno Ganz, Dean Norris and Jürgen Prochnow are all superb in their respective roles.

Another important theme that this film deals with is the fact that despite people look old on the outside, there lives within them a vibrant past that led them to this point and just like we cannot judge a book by its cover, we cannot judge an old man by what he does now but rather must look at all he did up until then.

This is such an amazing film that it will definitely be among my Temporal Top Ten of 2015 and I really can’t wait to see it again in order to experience it all once more (at least).

Bottom Line – Excellent cast helps us learn so much about these characters just by their actions and words without the need of flashbacks. Plummer, Landau, Ganz, Norris and Prochnow are all superb in their roles.  was drawn in by the multiple themes of The Holocaust, Alzheimer’s and the idea that one cannot judge an old person by his current actions since there may be so much rich history behind it all.  One of the best movies of 2015 that I plan to rewatch again and again just to be able to absorb all of its richness. Highly Highly Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – The script was shared with Alzheimer’s experts to ensure that it portrayed plot elements about seniors suffering from dementia accurately. (From IMDB)

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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