Head of State (2003)

head of state“I work in a neighborhood so bad, you can get shot while you’re gettin’ shot. ” – Mays Gilliam

Number of Times Seen – 2 (15 Dec 2004 and 15 Mar 2016)

Brief Synopsis – After the Democratic nominees for President and Vice-president are killed in a freak accident, the party nominates a young black alderman to run in their place since they know they have no chance to win.

My Take on it – Sometimes even an extremely far fetched concept for a movie can still work if it has the right setting and tone.

This is the case in this film because Chris Rock does it so well; he is able to take a situation which everyone is familiar with, expand on it to a comedic extreme and then still give us an enjoyable film with a message.

The movie is obviously extremely predictable but it still gives us so many laugh out loud scenes that we can still enjoy it so much.

Rock and fellow comedian Bernie Mac have amazing chemistry together and they use this chemistry to parody and satire so much of the political system and pundits.

Great cameos by Tracy Morgan, David Keith, Stephanie March and Robin Givens.

I know that the idea is quite far fetched but it still works within the confines of this comedy and is especially nice to rewatch during the current (long-winded) Presidential nomination months.

I loved the very imaginative opening credits which starts this off with a bang that we very quickly learn what to expect from Rock & co.

Bottom Line – Hilarious concept that Rock manages to pull off. Yes. It’s extremely far fetched an idea, but it still works within the confines of this comedy. Mac and Rock have excellent chemistry together. Opening credits is quite imaginative. Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Chris Rock got the idea for this story from the 1984 Walter Mondale/Geraldine A. Ferraro ticket, in which the democrats thought that since they had no chance of winning against Ronald Reagan/George Bush, they might as well make a historic first so they can win support for the next election. So they ran Ferraro as the first ever woman vice president candidate for their party (and lost). (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy


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