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For this month’s next review for Genre Grandeur – Heist Films, here’s a review of Inception (2010) by Dan of Slip/Through Movies

Thanks again to Drew of Drew’s Movie Reviews.  for choosing this month’s genre.

Due to the Jewish holiday of Passover which falls out this year at the end of April, I will be mostly unavailable for a week, so I decided to postpone GG until May.

May’s Genre has been chosen by Damien of Riley Central. We will be reviewing our favorite Adventure Movies.

Please get me your submissions by the 25th of May by sending them to  Try to think out of the box! Great choice Damien!

Let’s see what Dan thought of this movie:




Feeling like a mix of super hero adventure and large scale blockbuster, this original heist film is like nothing else ever made. Guided by the deft hands of Christopher Nolan, this internal action flick is full of style, and full of ideas.


Leonardo DiCaprio plays our tormented hero, struggling with personal tragedy, but he’s also a brand new type of gun for hire. Instead of asking a Thomas Crowne to steal a rare painting, the cat burglar here is tasked to plant ideas into an influential business man’s mind. Yeah. Totally out-there!


The sequences set in the dream world are spectacular. By playing with time, and layers of the dreamworld, Nolan orchestrates the perfect head-scratching finale. If you’re on board with this complex hive of ideas you are in for a real treat. There has never been a heist film like this.


In FAST & FURIOUS they snatch and dash, get in car chases, defy physics, and things explode. They never feel believable. That’s why it’s so incredible that a heist set in the mind of a man is somehow believable. INCEPTION checks a lot of the same boxes that your traditional Hollywood blockbuster does; however, it does it in such a refreshing way that all of the cliches feel brand new.


Most importantly, while complicated, this is entirely exciting and pulse-pounding. Movie nerds will be pleased to see Tom Hardy in here, alongside Joseph Gordon Levitt for the actual heist. Meanwhile, Ellen Page as an architect of the dreamworld, is our vessel into this bold new reality. She learns to shape the mindscape to help confuse the dreaming target. There are so many layers to this film (literally, and figuratively), that it’s never boring and even more enjoyable upon second viewing.


Nolan gives the audience confidence that there are still new ways to entertain. This original idea isn’t based on a comic book, it isn’t a reboot or a sequel, INCEPTION is surprising to everyone. Every time Nolan works in a genre he

seems to redefine it.


If you think you’ve seen every heist film you need to see, watch this film and remind yourself that all hope is not lost. Don’t abandon faith. With filmmakers like Nolan treating us to his version of popular genres, there’s always a chance we can be surprised.


– Dan from

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