My 3rd Blogiversary!!!


Well today is my 3 year blogiversary and I’m amazed that I’ve been at this for three years now.

Besides this blogging milestone for me, today is also my older daughter’s 4th birthday (Happy B-Day H.!!!)

My site would be nothing without all of you, so I first want to thank you all for your comments, encouragement and your contributions that have made MovieRob what it is today.

Since I’m a stat freak, here’s a bunch of interesting stats from the past year’s posts with comparisons to the previous two years:

  • I now have a total of 730 followers (2nd year – 279) (1st year – 150)
  • This site has had a total of 64,325 hits. (2nd year – 33,128) (1st year – 5,923)
  • I have reviewed 765 movies this year  (2nd year – 714) (1st year – 676)
  • of those 455 have been movies that I have never seen before (that’s over 59%)(2nd year – 353 – 49%) (1st year – 282 – 42%)
  • 74 of those movies reviewed have been reviewed more than once by me (2nd year – 52) (1st year – 8)
  • of my 765 reviews 251 have been rated 4 stars (Oscar Worthy) 32.81% (2nd year – 239 – 33.47%)(1st year – 233 – 34.47%)
  • of my 765 reviews 266 have been rated 3 stars (Globe Worthy) 34.77% (2nd year – 271-37.95)(1st year – 238 – 35.21%)
  • of my 765 reviews 178 have been rated 2 stars (BAFTA Worthy) 23.26% (2nd year – 142-19.88%) (1st year – 126 – 18.64%)
  • of my 765 reviews 69 have been rated 1 star (Razzie Worthy) 9.01% (2nd year – 62 – 8.68%) (1st year – 79 – 11.68%)
  • This year I co-hosted 2 successful blogathons; Argumentative August with Ryan Of Ten Stars or Less and Stephen King Octoberthon with Darren of Movie Reviews 101
  • This past year I have joined Twitter (and very recently Facebook), so I have more connections over the web than before.

My biggest accomplishment tho has still been to make so many great blogging friends, so a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you for helping me make this milestone.

In addition, I will be running a contest starting today and going until the end of the month that will allow many of you to FORCE me to watch whatever movie u choose. Stay tuned for another post shortly with details!

Here’s to another year of lots of fun movie reviews!!!

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