Temporal Top Ten – 1974


top ten

Number of movies seen from this year – 42
Number of movies reviewed – 35 (including 3 Encore Reviews)

This was the year I was born, so obviously I never had the pleasure to see any of these films on the big screen.
For me, choosing #1 was a no-brainer despite everyone loving my #2
What’s interesting to me with this list is that only one film (#9) is a new and recent watch by me.
The rest are mostly movies I learned to appreciate and enjoy over time, but my #1 and my #7 both get credit for being movies that my older brother and his friends introduced me to on a rainy Saturday Night during the 1980’s.sugarland

10. The Sugarland Express
miss jane
9. The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittmanparallex
8. The Parallex Viewlongs=est yard
7. The Longest Yardconversation
6. The Conversation towering
5. The Towering Infernochina

4. Chinatownblazing
3. Blazing Saddlesgodfather 2
2. The Godfather Part IIpelham
1. The Taking of Pelham One Two Three

Here’s a complete list of movies that I’ve seen from 1974

  1. Airport 1975
  2. Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
  3. The Autobiography of Miss Jan Pittman
  4. Benji
  5. Blazing Saddles
  6. Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia
  7. Chinatown
  8. Conrack
  9. The Conversation
  10. Dark Star
  11. Death Wish
  12. Earthquake
  13. The Four Musketeers
  14. The Front Page
  15. The Godfather Part II
  16. Gone in Sixty Seconds
  17. The Great Gatsby
  18. The Groove Tube
  19. Harry and Tonto
  20. Hearts and Minds
  21. Herbie Rides Again
  22. Juggernaut
  23. Lenny
  24. Little House on the Prairie
  25. The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams
  26. The Longest Yard    Encore Review
  27. The Lords of Flatbush
  28. The Man with the Golden Gun
  29. The Mark of Zorro
  30. Murder on the Orient Express
  31. The Odessa File
  32. The Parallax View
  33. The Sugarland Express
  34. The Taking of Pelham One Two Three  Encore Review Encore Review 2
  35. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
  36. That’s Entertainment!
  37. Three the Hard Way
  38. Thunderbolt and Lightfoot
  39. The Towering Inferno
  40. Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too
  41. Woman Under the Influence, A
  42. Young Frankenstein

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