Did They Get it Right? – Best Original Song – Oscars 1992

DTGIR 1992

1992 was a great year for Original Songs in movies mainly because there were a few excellent ones made that year.  Disney continued their Songwriting dominance with songs from Aladdin, Whitney Houston gave us The Bodyguard, Cameron Crowe showed he knows his music in Singles and Madonna brought us to tears with her theme song for A league of Their Own.

The Oscars rarely get it perfect in any category, but they did a nice job this year despite missing a few key songs in the nomination process

Here are the five nominees: (Winner in Bold)

  • “Beautiful Maria of My Soul” – The Mambo Kings • Music: Robert Kraft • Lyrics: Arne Glimcher

  • “Friend Like Me” – Aladdin • Music: Alan Menken • Lyrics: Howard Ashman (posthumous nomination)

  • “I Have Nothing” – The Bodyguard • Music: David Foster • Lyrics: Linda Thompson

  • “Run to You” – The Bodyguard • Music: Jud J. Friedman • Lyrics: Allan Dennis Rich

  • “A Whole New World” – Aladdin – Music: Alan Menken • Lyrics: Tim Rice

Song (s) that I think should have been included in the mix: (Not sure if all really are eligible according to Oscar standards…)

  • This Used to Be My Playground – Madonna (A League of Their Own)

  • Prince Ali – Robin Williams (Aladdin)

  • I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston (The Bodyguard)

  • Book of Days – Enya (Far and Away)

  • Bible Belt – Travis Tritt (My Cousin Vinny)

  • The Power of One – Teddy Pendergrass (The Power of One)

  • Dyslexic Heart – Paul Westerberg (Singles)

  • Waiting for Somebody – Paul Westerberg (Singles)


My Rankings:


  • 5. – Beautiful Maria of My Soul
  • 4. – Run to You
  • 3. – Friend Like Me
  • 2. – I Have Nothing
  • 1. – A Whole New World


  • 3. – Mambo Kings (Never Seen)
  • 2. – The Bodyguard
  • 1. – Aladdin

Do I agree with the Oscar winner? – Most Definitely!!! A Whole New World is one of the best Disney songs and very deserving of the Oscar.

Let me know what you think about these songs!

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