Opinion Battles Round 9 Favourite Marvel Cinematic Universe Character?

Check out the next round of Opinion Battles where we all choose our favorite Marvel Universe characters over at Movie Review 101! Tnx again for hosting this Darren!

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Favourite Marvel Character

The Marvel universe has taken over the world with all of the Avengers movies and to celebrate the release Captain America Civil War we are picking our favourite characters from the Marvel Universe.

If you want to take part in the next round, we are going to be picking our favourite X-Men character, if you want enter email moviereviews101@yahoo.co.uk by the 15th May 2016.

Darren – Movie Reviews 101


Thor is my favourite Marvel Universe character, I enjoy the comic tone in his naivety about being part of Earth. His world gave us the only good villain in the Marvel world with Loki and you add in the mythology behind the character which is something that always fascinates me personally. And yes I am aware it isn’t the most accurate but still attempts to take us into the world. I do pick him over the…

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3 thoughts on “Opinion Battles Round 9 Favourite Marvel Cinematic Universe Character?

  1. Hey, this is a fun blogathon. I see your point. I did enjoythe first Thor more than I thought I would and thought his emotional journey to becoming the hero that he needed to be was compelling. I think, based solely on the cinematic universe, I would have to go with Captain America because of his idealism and the ways his old-fashioned values are tested.

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