Fantasy Acting League 2016 – Round Three

Check out Round 3 of this years Fantasy Acting League over at Oracle of Film! Tnx for hosting this Luke!

Oracle of Film

Wow, I let the ball drop. I am so sorry for the delay in this round of Fantasy Acting League. I have had a crazy month as a film-maker. Has you probably have seen from my recent explosion in behind the scenes articles of Rewind, my current web series is rolling to a close on the 8th May. On top of that, I have been shooting my own directorial project, Call Me Church on any day off I am given. Also, I have been approached to direct some top secret projects due for release in 2017. Who knows? You might be reviewing my films next year. But enough chatter. It’s time to focus on what you came here for. The third round of Fantasy Acting League, which sees the Michael Shannon supporters start to rocket ahead and a smattering of points from anyone who banked on the Batman Vs. Superman…

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