Decades Blogathon – Top Gun (1986)

Check out my review of Top Gun (1986) for Tom and Mark’s second annual Decades blogathon. Check out all of the entries and once again a HUGE thanks to Tom and Mark for spearheading this great idea!

Thomas J


I’m going to admit something embarrassing right now. I, uh. . . . yeah, I still haven’t seen the movie Rob, as in the one and only MovieRob, is about to talk about today. Not going to make excuses — I need to change this ASAP, and possibly rearrange my priorities on my Netflix queues, perhaps even start going to church more often — but first I’m going to let my friend Rob tell you why it’s worthy of the Decades blogathon. Rob, the floor is yours! 

top gun

“That was some of the best flying I’ve seen to date – right up to the part where you got killed.” – Jester

Number of Times Seen – Too many to count (Theater in ’86, cable, video, DVD, 8 Mar 2000 and 5 May 2016)

Brief Synopsis  Two top Naval fighter pilots are sent to a combat dog-fighting course…

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