Pacific Heights (1990)

pacific heights“You’re a brave and stupid man.” – Carter Hayes

Number of Times Seen – between 3-5 times (Theater in ’90, Cable and 14 Jun 2016)

Brief Synopsis – A young couple buy and fix up a large house of their dreams and then decide to rent out parts of it to different tenants to help pay their mortgage.  Unfortunately, they didn’t expect the kind of tenant they found.

My Take on it – I remember seeing this movie a few times back when it came out both in the theater and on cable and it being an ok movie, but still found it interesting.

Having grown up a lot since then and myself been both a renter and a rentee since then, I have found a whole new perspective when watching this movie and trying to absorb its premise.

Unfortunately, the story itself lacks both the punch and the proper depth needed to make this even more emotionally effective on the viewer.

When I think of Melanie Griffiths, I don’t usually think of her as being an effective leading lady for anything other than a rom-com like Working Girl (1988); thrillers just weren’t her forte.

Both Matthew Modine and Michael Keaton are giving co-starring roles and the lack of equality or some kind of balance between the three stars really drags this film down and takes away a lot of the believability of the premise.

All in all, I will admit that this is a very nice attempt at an engaging domestic thriller because it can be enjoyable to watch if you forgive the simpleness of it all.

It’s unfortunately not very memorable tho and lacks a much needed upgrade in the way the story is told to have been much more effective.

Bottom Line – Remembered this being an interesting thriller, but it lacks the punch and the depth needed to really be effective. Griffiths is the lead here with Modine and Keaton taking a step back and the lack of balance also hurts this films believability.  Nice attempt at a domestic thriller that is somewhat enjoyable to watch, but not very memorable.

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Screenwriter Daniel Pyne once rented an apartment to a tenant that he could not evict. The film was inspired from this scenario. (From IMDB)

Rating – BAFTA Worthy


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8 thoughts on “Pacific Heights (1990)

  1. Great review, you make a good point about Melanie Griffith. I do think this is an intense thriller though. I think Keaton is scary and offensive here which is exactly what he’s supposed to be. Modine is nice guy turned pissed off nice guy and pulls that off well. My favorite scenes were the ones where his drill is heard behind the locked door and they are like “wif is he doing in there?” I felt tension and suspense. I like how you called it a thriller because these are the kind of films labeled thriller that I love! I’m doing a podcast on Michael Keaton movies soon. I plan to discuss this movie a while.

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