MovieRob Milestone Marathon – The View Askew Septrilogy

kevin_smith_picture_by_saturn_kittyWell, it’s that time again, I have once again reached a new movie reviewing milestone.

For those of you keeping track [not many of you based on my site hits :)], I am now closing in on a whopping 2300 reviews.

This time, I chose to review a series of movies that all take place within the same movie universe and 6 of the 7, feature the 2 trademark characters of that series.

Of course I’m talking about the movies by Kevin Smith that are part of his View Askew Universe and feature Jay and Silent Bob and lots of interweaving characters between the films.

So, over the next 7 hours, I will be posting a review of each of their films hourly.

Hope you enjoy my thoughts on them.

Once again, I waana thank all of you for helping me reach these goals because without you, my followers/readers along with your continued support, I never woulda gotten this far.


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