A Timely Blogathon: Gun Woman (2014)

Check out the next entry in Our A Timely Blogathon. This time we have Wendell from Dell on Movies with a review of Gun Woman (2014). Tnx Dell!


Next up on A Timely Blogathon, hosted by myself and Movierob, is this newest review from Wendell of Dell On Movies. Wendell is the king of blogathons, so I was so happy he joined in on this one! Wendell chose to review Gun Woman (2014) – a film I’m now quite interested in, despite… well, read on! Thanks Wendell for participating!

a timely blogathon 1

A little while back one of the bloggers I frequently check out, Anna at Film Grimoire, announced plans to host a blogathon with the help of another blogger I’ve recently started checking out, Rob of Movierob. It’s called A Timely Blogathon. Fittingly, it’s dedicated to movies shorter than ninety minutes. I see plenty of those, so obviously, I had to take part. Please swing by both of their places to check out other entries in their joint venture. Not before you finish reading my…

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