Bed of Roses (1996)

 “Every now and then, um, everybody’s entitled to too much perfection. ” – Lewisbed of roses

Number of Times Seen – 2 (Video in the 90’s and 25 Jul 2016)

Brief Synopsis – A lawyer gets flowers from an anonymous admirer and doesn’t understand why he would want to pursue her because of her troubled childhood.

My Take on it – I saw this film about twenty years ago and recalled it being a pretty good rom-com, so I was looking forward to revisiting it.

Unfortunately, it only seems good on the surface.

The storyline is basically a follow the dots rom-com and we get nothing really new or inspirational from the story.

Christian Slater and Mary Stuart Masterson are both usually quite good in their films and I liked watching both of them here, but unfortunately their characters lacked any real chemistry or passion for each other throughout the entire film.

Basically, this is the kind of movie that one can watch for the sake of it being a typical romantic comedy, but one shouldn’t expect much more than that from this one, which is quite a shame because I had higher hopes for it.

Bottom Line – Liked this more the first time I saw it. Slater and Stuart Masterson are both good here, but their characters lack real passion for each other or enough chemistry.  This is really a follow the dots romantic comedy which can be enjoyable tow atch if you aren’t expecting anything really special from a rom-com.

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Michael Convertino’s score for this film was composed for and recorded by two orchestras in different locations. Then the two separate pieces were mixed and overlaid with each other in the studio to create the final product. (From IMDB)

Rating – BAFTA Worthy


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5 thoughts on “Bed of Roses (1996)

  1. I had a similar experience – remember watching it when it first came out and enjoying it.I recently pulled out the DVD and it just wasn’t the same. I think that’s natural with many movies we enjoy in our teens and re-watch many years later. Sometimes they “improve with age”, sometimes they don’t. Just like we change, it is natural that the same films change for us too.


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