Wrinkles (2011)

wrinkles“If you ask me, relatives are a bit like eggnog. Never around til Christmas and then suddenly it’s everywhere.” – Miguel

Number of Times Seen – 1 (16 Aug 2016)

Brief Synopsis – The story of two new roommates in a nursing home for the elderly who are quite different but manage to still find a way to friendship.

 Take on it – This is a film that I hadn’t ever heard of until I saw someone mention it as one of their favorite movies.

Obviously my curiosity got to me and I decided to check it out


They do such a great job here of getting the nuance right about life of the elderly in an old age home.

It is quite easy for us to be drawn in to the story and characters and easily are able to connect to this heartwarming story.

The story reminds us all how we should treat the elderly much better and it was easy for me to recognize my grandparents in many of the characters despite the fact that they have been gone for more than 20 years.

This movie is originally a Spanish language film, but I was able to watch an English language dub of it that featured such an amazing main voice cast.

The use of Martin Sheen, George Coe and Matthew Modine help make this feel so much more familiar to us which helps make us think of the characters as long lost relatives.

This film really is a hidden gen that I’m sure most people have never even heard of just like me.

It’s much better than I would have expected and it’s unfortunate that this never got more exposure.

Bottom Line – Truly a hidden gem. They get so much of the nuance right and we easily are drawn into this heartwarming story. Reminds people of how they should treat the elderly and I even caught glimpses of characteristics of my own long passed grandparents in the characters we meet. Excellent English language voice cast helps make this feel familiar enough to care for the characters as if they were long lost relatives. Highly Recommended!

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Rating – Oscar Worthy


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