Movies From the Hat IV #29 – Prime Six’s Pick – Macbeth (2015)

This is my 2488th Review

Thanks to Prime Six for this recommendation.

Here are his thoughts on the film.

macbeth_2015_poster “So foul and fair a day I have not seen.” – MacBeth

Number of Times Seen – 1 (6 Sep 2016)

Brief Synopsis – After being told that a prophecy claims he will one day be king, a man does all he can to make this prophecy come true.

My Take on it – I am not ashamed to admit that I’ve never been much of a fan of Shakespeare and only Kenneth Branagh’s interpretations have helped me enjoy the Bard’s work.

To me, this film was a disaster because not only is the language hard to understand and follow, but the story itself is told in a way that too much is alluded to, refereed to or just mentioned instead of it being a straight story.

Yes, parts feel like a Game of Thrones episode, but even GoT knows how to keep its audience entertained despite some tedious scenes and dialogue; here it was all a mess.

Again, it’s quite possible that the problem here is me; perhaps my lack of understanding and love for the Bard’s written work has made a film like this just too incomprehensible to me.

Truth is, I can’t say whether I care about that or not because this movie just wasn’t enjoyable to me at all for whatever reason.

Perhaps those of you that enjoy Shakespeare’s works will enjoy this more, but I can’t on any level recommend this film.

I think I need a break from these kind of movies….

Bottom Line – Was completely bored through this because there is too much that is allegorical and symbolic and not a straight story. The Shakespearean language didn’t help me enjoy it any more.  Fans of Shakespeare’s works and language will probably get a lot more out of this than I did.  I think I’ll keep away from Shakespeare for a while.

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Visibility was so poor at the Isle of Skye during filming in early February 2014, that Marion Cotillard had strayed into a bog and disappeared from view. It had taken two crew members to fish her out while the mud sucked at her feet. (From IMDB)

Rating – Razzie Worthy


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16 thoughts on “Movies From the Hat IV #29 – Prime Six’s Pick – Macbeth (2015)

  1. Dang, buddy. I really enjoyed this one. I thought it blended rich atmosphere and visuals, along with adding more action to the story of Macbeth. Plus I really liked how it interpreted the text and offered something new. There are so many Shakespeare adaptations it’s hard to still do that. Plus, the acting was amazing – including the guy who played Duncan. I hope with a different story and contemporary dialogue this director will win you over. Fingers crossed for Assassin’s Creed this winter 😉 Good review though. I wondered why some people hated this. I suppose the language is a deal breaker… understandably.

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      • Totally… While we could gush over it if we both loved it (which would be fun hehehe), all film is subjective right. I love it. That’s why when we love the same it’s even cooler cuz we don’t always love the same movies. Plus, it’s Shakespeare which can be a total deal breaker. I get it. For me, country music is something I can never get into even though I know there are some amazing songs out there 🙂 Heheheh That’s my dealbreaker 2 cents


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