The Toptober Tens – What is it???


In October, I’m not gonna have as much time to watch movies as usual due to the Jewish holidays, so I plan to post a new top ten list every day in order to keep things flowing.

I will still have sporadic reviews and assume I’ll still get around 20-30 films watched and reviewed, but I prefer to have some kind of post every day.

It’s quite ironic that it looks as if this month will have my fewest amount of reviews (my lowest is 32) since last month (September) actually broke my own personal record of reviews at 81.

These Top Ten lists will all be different movie related lists.

Some will be based on my favorite films of a particular actor/actress/writer/director; some will be of a particular genre and others will be character related and yet others will be some other unique list.

All will obviously be movie based, so I wont have a top ten recipe list 🙂

There are films that will appear in more than one list, so there is no elimination of a film once it appears on a given list.

Below, I will add links to each of the lists:

Thanks to all of you who continue to visit, comment and of course interact in any other way with me and my site;  without you all, none of this would continue to happen.

Special Thanks to SG for coming up with the title for the series and to Slip/through Dan for the logos

Have a great month one and all!


Let me Know what you think!!

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