Only the Lonely (1991)

otl“Sometimes it’s good to be a cop. ” – Danny

Number of Times Seen – Between 3-5 times (Cable in the 90’s and 9 Oct 2016)

Brief Synopsis – A thirty something bachelor cop needs to choose between his overbearing mother and his new shy girlfriend when ‘worlds collide’.

My Take on it – This is a movie that I hadn’t seen in years and forgot how much fun it was.

The themes shown here really epitomize the combination of John Hughes and Chris Columbus because they are one of the few teams in Hollywood that could have pulled off something like this.

I love the fact that they combined John Candy with Ally Sheedy in a sorta The Breakfast Club (1985) meets Uncle Buck (1989) way that works really well.

The premise itself is quite fun mainly because it feels quite real and plausible that something like this could actually occur.

The idea of a person having to decide whether to put his mother or significant other first and foremost is a great one and is played out quite well here.

Many people have dealt with such a theme and it’s nice to see the way that they do it here.

Yes, the characters are a bit cliched here and there, but they are still fun to watch them all interact.

Candy and Sheedy have great chemistry together which helps this film feel even more real.

This movie is also proof that even an actor like Candy could hold up a romantic comedy despite him not seeming like your typical romantic.

It’s too bad he was taken from us too soon, he had so much more to offer us….

Bottom Line – Great rom-com that only could come from John Hughes and Chris Columbus. The premise is so much fun because it feels so realistic.  The idea of making the leap from caring for a parent to a new significant other is something that so many people have dealt with. The characters are all a bit cliched but still lots of fun. Candy and Sheedy have great chemistry together that makes it works so well. Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – The producers of the film did not include a trailer on location for Maureen O’Hara in their budget. John Candy was furious that the producers were showing someone of her stature such disrespect he gave her his own trailer. The producers finally caved in because they couldn’t have Candy, the star of the film, without his own trailer. (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy


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