Remembrances (1995)

rem“Thanks for the bad genes.” –  Dad

Number of Times Seen – 1 (9 Oct 2016)

Brief Synopsis – After a man and his father discover a missing pet, the flood of memories related to that pet engulf them both.

My Take on it – In trying to watch more films from the very talented Director/Writer Kurt Kuenne, I happened across his final student film from when he studied at USC Film School.

It’s very difficult to actually discuss the film without spoilers, so I’m gonna actually avoid explaining too much about it in order to allow anyone who wishes to see this film the opportunity to experience it as it all unfolds.

This film does more in a mere 15 minutes than many big budget movies achieve in 8 to 10 times that runtime.

It’s very simple to see from this movie how talented a director and screenwriter Kuenne is because very few people can create such a rich, deep and complex story in such a short run time and have it all pay off in the end.

This film is quite visual in its message and the dialogue helps add even more to the tone that it sets up so well.

Love the way that it explores the idea of memories and how even a small one can affect someone in such a large and complex way.

After having seen this, it really makes me wonder if Kuenne based this story on fact or if the whole idea is solely part of his brilliant mind.

Either way, the premise is quite amazing.

My one regret here is that we only get the chance to spend 15 minutes with these two characters who seem to have so much more to tell (and teach) us.

I’m extremely happy that I got a chance to see this film and I look forward to seeing it again in the near future.

This is a perfect example of a young filmmaker being able to use his talents with such a limited amount of resources.

To watch this film, check it out here:

Bottom Line – Excellent short film that accomplishes so much more in its 15 minutes than many full length films. It’s easy to see how gifted and deep a storyteller Kuenne is just from this very visual tale.  It’s too bad that we can’t learn even more about these two characters because there seems to be so much more to their situations.  Highly Recommended!

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Rating – Oscar Worthy


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