13th (2016)

13th“The Bureau of Justice reported that one in three young black males is expected to go to jail or prison during his lifetime, which is an unbelievably shocking statistic.” – Bryan Stevenson

Number of Times Seen – 1 (30 Oct 2016)

Brief Synopsis – A documentary that tries to make a connection between the ever-growing prison population and the ratification of the 13th Amendment that abolished slavery.

My Take on it – I was looking forward to seeing this film ever since I heard about it a few months ago.

Unfortunately, the way that the film is presented really disappointed me.

I was hoping and expecting a more unbiased look at the situation, but instead it feels as if the whole film is just a politically charged diatribe instead of a thoughtful discussion about how the system doesn’t actually work as well as expected.

I realize that the themes and topics discussed here are political dynamite and that is why it is extremely important to present them in an unbiased manner.

I know that this movie has many people backing it’s important message, but I just didn’t like the way it was all shown to us.

I wish they had found a better way to present this information to us so that it doesn’t feel as forced as it seems.

Quite a shame….

Bottom Line – Extremely disappointing how this film feels too politically charged instead.of trying to give us an unbiased perspective.  Yes, the themes discussed are filled with dynamite but there must be a better way to present such information.

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Rating – BAFTA Worthy


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