Hail to the Chief Blogathon – The Day Reagan Was Shot (2001)

This is the second of three posts that are part of the Hail to the Chief Blogathon being hosted by Robin of Pop Culture Reverie.

Tnx for letting me participate!

drws“I forgot to duck” – Ronald Reagan

Number of Times Seen – 1 (30 Oct 2016)

Brief Synopsis – Reenactment of the events of the fateful day of March 30th, 1981 when President Reagan was shot and the chaos that erupted among his staff while he was in surgery.

My Take on it – I had heard of the events that happened behind the scenes on the day that John Hinckley shot Reagan, but I couldn’t imagine how interesting it would be to watch it all happen.

Richard Dreyfuss is great as Alexander Haig and is able to tote the fine line between instigating a coup and doing what he feels is best for the country during those turbulent hours.

The rest of the cast helps make this event feel so real and timely.

Richard Crenna is actually only ok as the President, but Holland Taylor does an amazing job as Nancy Reagan, showing how powerful a First Lady she was.

Watching the political upheaval and backstabbing in real time was captivating because we know that they all are trying to do what they feel is best despite it conflicting with other peoples ideas of what is best.

This film also serves as a good lesson in Civics where we can see the do’s and dont’s when dealing with the question of Presidential Succession.

Bottom Line – Dreyfuss is great as Haig, and is helped by the stellar supporting cast. Crenna is ok as Reagan, but he doesn’t really feel right for the part. Taylor on the other hand is great as Nancy.  Interesting to see the chaos that ensued among the cabinet members when each tried to grab for power when there was a hole that needed to be filled.  Also serves as a good civics lesson as to the dos and donts of Presidential succession. Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – When Special Agent Cage is inspecting Reagan during the high-speed drive in limousine for wounds, the view through the windows shows protective tarping, giving away the fact the vehicle isn’t actually moving.  (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy


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