Silver Bullet (1985)

sb“There are no such things as werewolves! ” – Uncle Red

Number of Times Seen – 2 (Cable in the 80’s and 2 Nov 2016)

Brief Synopsis – When a young boy suspects that a bunch of recent murders were committed by a werewolf, he enlists his sister and uncle’s help in trying to determine who is the actual beast.

My Take on it – AS most of you already know, I’m not the biggest fan of movies within the horror genre, but I am a big fan of Stephen King novels and stories.

I have been meaning to watch this for over a year now and just never got around to it because the theme just doesn’t appeal to me as much as most other genres.

MY first thought was at how low budget this film felt.  It really seemed like a B-movie instead of a mainstream Hollywood film.

The special effects were very poorly done and I actually laughed at most of the times that we see the “menacing” creature.

The story is interesting, as one would expect from the mind of Stephen King, but the characters don’t feel developed enough onscreen and the actors are mostly pretty wooden.

Corey Haim is ok as the lead here, but he is nowhere near able to carry this film as the lead like he was able to do so in some of his future films.

Gary Busey is always fun to have in a film like those and he was the main reason that I can’t say I felt the whole experience to be completely terrible.

Bottom Line – Feels very much like a B-movie instead of a normal Hollywood film.  The story is interesting just like most King novels, but I didn’t like the way that the characters were developed here. Haim is ok as the lead, but he wasn’t commanding enough to hold up this film like he was able to do in a few of his future films.  Special Effects are done extremely poorly here.

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – According director Daniel Attias, Gary Busey ad libbed a great deal, for instance when Uncle Red is in the gun shop. Attias checked with Stephen King, who said OK for these ad libs to be included. (From IMDB)

Rating – BAFTA Worthy


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