Eisenhower: Supreme Commander in Chief (1996)

eisenhower“Eisenhower’s youth was dominated by one word – and that was WORK.” – Col. Rod Paschell

Number of Times Seen – 1 (30 Nov 2016)

Brief Synopsis – Biography of the history military genius and future President who had such an impact on the world and it’s affairs.

My Take on it – Once again, in my quest to learn even more about the US Presidents, I watched this biography.

I was quite enthralled by the military and political savvy that Eisenhower was able to conduct during his years of service.

He really was able to have such an impact on world affairs as both the commander of the Allied forced in Europe during WWII and then as President during the beginning of the Cold War with Russia during the 1950’s.

It’s interesting to note that many of the Presidents before him were also military commanders before they sought the Presidency and despite leaving office 56 years ago, there has yet to be another one since making him the last one (as of 2016).

Loved seeing Stephen Ambrose (the author of Band of Brothers) featured predominately here since he was the prominant biographer of Eisenhower and of World War II in general.

Bottom Line – Very interesting biography of a man who impacted so much of what happened during the European parts of WWII and the beginning of The Cold War during the 1950’s.  Lots of informative information is given here that gives life to this military and political genius.  He is the last Military Commander to serve as US President after so many previous generals occupying the office over the years since the forming of The Republic. Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – He was a five-star general in the United States Army during World War II and served as Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe. He was responsible for planning and supervising the invasion of North Africa in Operation Torch in 1942–43 and the successful invasion of France and Germany in 1944–45 from the Western Front. (From Wikipedia)

Rating – Globe Worthy


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