89 Days of Oscar Nominees Intro


This coming Feb 26th, we will celebrate 89 years of Oscar.

In those years, 586 different films have had the honor and distinction of being bestowed with the honor of being called a Best Picture Nominee.

As prolific a film watcher as I am, according to my research, I have seen 419 (71.51%) of those films and in the 3.5+ years of this blog have reviewed 262 (44.7%) of them.

That means that there are lots and lots more for me to watch (167 to be exact – 28.49%) before I can claim to have seen them all.

I have therefore taken it upon myself to watch 89 new Best Picture Nominees that I’ve never seen before between 1 Dec 2016 and The 89th Annual Oscars on 26 Feb 2017.

Every day, I will treat you to one review in this series with the hope of reaching my goal 89 days from now.

Wish me luck and stay tuned……


*Tnx again to Dan of Slipthrough Movies for the new graphic for this series!

6 thoughts on “89 Days of Oscar Nominees Intro

  1. Wow Rob…that’s quite a thing! I admire you and wish you luck! I’m assuming that you need extra luck because I’m pretty sure you will be doing this over and above the rest of the movies and reviews you are already doing! I take my hat off to you! I’ll be here to check them out. Can’t wait!

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