Did They Get it Right? – Best Picture – Oscars 1999

dtgirbp-1999Here are the five nominees: (Winner in Bold)

American Beauty
The Cider House Rules
The Green Mile
The Insider
The Sixth Sense

Biggest Snub:

Toy Story 2

My Overall Thoughts:

This is a rare Oscar year where all 5 films are spectacular and each and every one of them would have been well deserving of winning BP.

Obviously, AB is an amazing film that says so much about American society and the need for being materialistic which really rung true with so many people as to how they perceive the world and therefore the film felt so realistic to so many people.

It won so many awards this year that it was a shoe-in to win here despite it not being the best film of the year, but rather being the most realistic story.

The question actually remains as to whether looking back, it still holds up as well now than it did 17 years ago when it came out.

My Rankings:


  • 5. – The Cider House Rules – Such an amazing film because it looks at a complex issue thru such simple eyes and shows us a different way to look upon things in life.  Caine and Maguire are superb here
  • 4. – The Insider – This, to me is Crowe’s best performance.  I think he won Best Actor the following year because of what he showed us he could do here.  The story was so captivating and it is so easy to care about the characters because the situations are so real.
  • 3. – The Sixth Sense – The flash wonder known as M. Night Shyalaman gave us an amazing film with a superb idea that works on so many levels. Unfortunately, after a few films, we all saw that he used the same pattern and ultimately we all lost interest in his stuff.  This being the first still remains one of his best and was deserving to get nominated.
  • 2. – American Beauty – Spacey and Benning are amazing here and this film really hits the nail on the head about the way people can be so materialistic that they forget to live life to its fullest.
  • 1. – The Green Mile – Amazing adaptation of the King novel that leaves us all with a message of hope that there is good in the world. Hanks is superb (as always), but Clarke is what makes this film so amazing.

Do I agree with the Oscar winner? – Once again, yes and no. AB says so much about Americana and is a deserving winner, but TGM is a film that resonates more and has a larger impact over time.

Let me know what you think about these films and my rankings!

3 thoughts on “Did They Get it Right? – Best Picture – Oscars 1999

  1. American Beauty was the clear and deserving winner for my money. It resonates more for me because it has so much to say. TGM was a nice film, but no. That said, my personal #1 is The Matrix. I think it gets devalued because it is a popular genre flick and box office blockbuster, but it also has lots to say. On top of that, the visuals are groundbreaking and quite literally changed how movies look.

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  2. I think the Oscars got it right. American Beauty was incredible, from the writing, acting, to directing. I loved the narrative. The opening scene was a perfect way to sink into the screen. I also loved how dark and funny this was. I also loved Insider, and agree with what you said about this being Crowe’s best performance. Sixth Sense was a really engaging horror movie. I was surprised by Cider House too. Green Mile was another intriguing blend of drama and horror/supernatural. I think 1999 had a pretty solid Oscar 5 🙂 These picks can’t be ranked ‘wrong’.


  3. I think The Green Mile should have won too, but I’ve never seen American Beauty, mainly because I have a feeling I’ll dislike it. October Sky also would have been a deserving nominee.


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