Did They Get it Right? – Best Picture – Oscars 1985

dtgirbp-1985Here are the five nominees: (Winner in Bold)

The Color Purple
Kiss of the Spider Woman
Out of Africa
Prizzi’s Honor

Biggest Snub:

Back to the Future

My Overall Thoughts:

The Academy voters have always loved epic films and this year was no exception to that rule. 

Production-wise, Out of Africa is the best film, but the story and characters are not as strong as in some of the other nominees.

The fact that it won in the end is not very surprising and is still a deserving winner.

My Rankings:


  • 5. – Kiss of the Spider Woman – Julia is superb here in a film about dealing with imprisonment. Hurt is his usual lackluster self here despite winning a Best Actor Oscar for this role.
  • 4. – Prizzi’s Honor – Nicholson and Turner are great here in the dark comedy about the mob. The story flows well and despite the characters not being as intelligent as those in most gangster films, it’s still lots of fun watching them.  Interesting look at the dynamics of a mobster family gives us so much perspective on how things work. Supporting cast helps make this work even better especially Huston and Randolph in key roles.
  • 3. – The Color Purple -Great story that proved that Spielberg was also capable of historic epics.  Goldberg and Winfrey are both superb here.
  • 2. – Out of Africa – Amazing epic film that is done extremely well by Pollack. The chemistry between Redford and Streep is a bit lackluster, but the production of this film is amazing.
  • 1. – Witness – Great story that is set in a very unexpected world. Chemistry between Ford and McGillis is amazing.  The bridges built between the world depicted make it feel so genuine.

Do I agree with the Oscar winner? – Yes and No! Witness is a better movie with better performances, but there is no doubting the epic feeling and production of OOA and it is not an undeserving winner because of the way that it was done.

Let me know what you think about these films and my rankings!

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