2017 Birthday Fave #2 – United 93 (2006) – Encore Review 2

Today is my 43rd Birthday and I can think of no better way for me to spend this day than to rewatch some of my all-time favorite films.  So sit back and enjoy reviews of some of my all-time favorites.

Let’s continue with…..  United 93 (2006)

1118full-united-93-poster“[to Mark Bingham after Ziad Jarrah on purpose causes the plane to lose attitude as it gets closer to Washington D.C] . This is a suicide mission. They are not going to land this plane. They are not going to take us back to the airport. We have to do something. I don’t think we have much of a choice.” – Todd Beamer

Number of Times Seen – at least 6 (Theater on 1 Sep 2006, at least twice on DVD, 18 April 2013, 7 Jul 2015 and 11 Jan 2017)

Link to original reviewHere and Here

Brief Synopsis – Reenactment of the events of one of the most horrific days in recent US History when terrorists took control of four airplanes and used them as missiles against high profile targets from the perspective of numerous people involved from different.

My Take on it –  When I heard about this film and I heard about how realistic it was, I knew that I needed to see it on the big screen.

I was 27 years old when the events of this film happened and I still can remember much of the shock, awe and surrealistic feelings from that day.

Despite knowing the eventual outcome of the events of this film, they are able to give us such a thrilling and gripping portrayal of the chaos of that very day.

The storyline is so engrossing that it’s very easy to be drawn in and be glued to watching the events as they happen in front of our very eyes.

Obviously, no one will ever know exactly what occurred on Flight 93, but they give us a great possibility here based solely on interviews with the loved one of the courageous men and women on that plane.

I loved how this film was able to focus on so many different groups of characters during the course of that day and how they didn’t care to give us closure on any of them because this is a movie about a chain of events and NOT about a specific character.

In order to help us believe how real this all is, they made a very wise choice to only use relatively unknown actors along with some of the real people from that day portraying themselves.

This helps us focus on the story and the chaos of that fateful day without getting distracted by the actors.

The story has amazing momentum and moves from scene to scene so smoothly while keeping us on the edge of our seats until the very end.

Director Paul Greengrass does an excellent job making this feel like a documentary which makes us imagine we are right there as the events are played out.

The whole film is a jarring, thrilling and exciting event that shows how amazing a film can be even when we know everything that will happen.

This IMHO is by far the best film of 2006 and it’s a shame that it was only nominated for Best Director and snubbed for Best Picture that year.

I think it’s one of the best movies ever made and if you haven’t yet experienced this amazing film, I think it’s about time you give it a try;  if, on the other hand, you’ve seen this before, it might be time for a rewatch!

Bottom Line – One of the most gripping films ever made about a true event that despite knowing the eventual outcome is so engrossing and captivating to watch. Loved how they used only unknown actors in order to add to the realism and also to let us focus solely on the chaos of the day and story, which is obviously the main character.  This film has such amazing momentum and moves smoothly between each of the different venues portrayed.  Greengrass’ style makes it have a documentary feel and it’s easy to imagine we are right there while this is all happening.  We’ll never truly know what happened on Flight 93, but they do an amazing job of piecing together the information that is known to give us a thrilling and jarring experience.  The best movie of 2006 and one of the very best ever made.  Highly Highly Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia –  The filmmakers donated a percentage of the opening weekend proceeds to the Flight 93 memorial near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The actual amount donated turned out to be $1.15 million. (From IMDB)

Rating – Oscar Worthy (no change from original review)


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15 thoughts on “2017 Birthday Fave #2 – United 93 (2006) – Encore Review 2

  1. Happy Birthday to you! ♪
    Happy Birthday to you! ♫
    Happy Birthday dear Rob! ♪
    Happy Birthday to you! ♫

    PS: I hadn’t forgotten – was going to wish you a bit later today. Have a wonderful day further and all the best for the year! Enjoy your day of movie watching!


  2. Happy belated birthday, Rob! I loved this movie too. Been a while, but still just as captivating. Time flies eh… Ok… Not the best of analogies 😉 But I refuse to editt myself… Edit myself.

    Jokes aside, this is a great hidden gem to recommend. I remember seeing it in the theater too. I really liked this longer review. I understand why you liked it a bit better. Good stuff.


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