89 Days of Oscar Nominees – #46 – Ivanhoe (1952)


In my attempt to have a more prolific repertoire of Oscar Nominated Films, I have taken it upon myself to watch 89 new Best Picture Nominees that I’ve never seen before between 1 Dec 2016 and The 89th Annual Oscars on 26 Feb 2017.

Here is my 46th review of the 89 chosen Films…


“We shall need no pledge on paper, you and I. Let Richard promise this instead. Let him promise justice to each man whether he be Saxon or Norman or Jew… for justice belongs to all men or it belongs to none.” – Isaac of York

Number of Times Seen – 1 (15 Jan 2017)

Brief Synopsis – After King Richard is captured in a far away land, his brother John takes over the thrown.  A loyal knight goes on a mission to free the king and put him back on the thrown.

My Take on it – This is yet another film that I’ve been meaning to watch for quite some time, but never got to it.

I knew this film featured knights and jousts, but knew nothing else about it.

Loved the fact that this story is a companion piece to the legendary stories of Robin Hood.  Robin is featured in this film, but isn’t the main focus of the story and this gives us an interesting look at the scope of everything that was happening during that time with the thrown of England.

The cast is superb and Robert Taylor, Joan Fontaine, George Sanders and Elisabeth Taylor are all wonderful in their roles.

This film has some really great fight scenes for it’s time and each are choreographed quite well.

We get a castle siege, some great jousting events and even a one on one small arms battle; each are truly breathtaking to watch especially knowing the lack of technological advancements at the time.

I really enjoyed the way that they add in religious and cultural conflicts and tolerance into the script because we get characters that are so different and they all must work together in order to try and prevail.

The romance angles here work quite well also to advance the story and we get to see what characters are willing to do for love whether it is reciprocated or not.

This was great and I’m really glad I finally got a chance to see it.

Bottom Line – Great film that is an amazing companion piece to the story of Robin Hood. Taylor, Fontaine, Sanders and Taylor are all great here.  Has some great fight scenes, including an amazing castle siege, spectacular jousts and even a small arms battle.  Loved the way that they deal with religious freedom here and also how characters from different sects must decide whether or not to work together in order to overcome a common goal.  Great romance angles.  So glad I finally got to see this one. Highly Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Stuntman Paddy Ryan’s fall from the battlements of a castle into the moat below, became the stuff of legend amongst his stuntmen peers because it was so spectacular.  (From IMDB)

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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