Top Ten Movies of 2016

images1I realize that most people have already presented their lists of their favorite 2016 released movies, so despite it being the beginning of February, after having seen 97 movies released in 2016, I feel confident enough to present my top 10 movies from last year.

Some of my choices might slightly go against the mainstream choices, but just like everything else on this site, it’s what I personally think, so take that into consideration before screaming at me 🙂

Just click on the movie title to read my review of each of these films.


Honorable mentions:atw

 All the Wayeos

Edge of Seventeenla

Life, Animatedrace


 Sing Street

And without further ado, here are my top 10 movies that I saw that were released in 2016….


10. Fenceshf

9. Hidden Figurespassengers

8. Passengerssilence

7. Silencela-la

6. La La Landlion

5. Lionpd

4. Patriots Dayrogue-one

3. Rogue Onehacksaw

2. Hacksaw Ridgembts

  1.  Manchester By the Sea

20 thoughts on “Top Ten Movies of 2016

  1. I’ve seen all on your Tops but Lion and Passengers (which really surprised me to see it here). Almost as much as Hacksaw. I felt that was really melodramatic for the 1st half hour or so. I think it tried to replicate Braveheart’s story structure a bit much and really hit us with religion hard. The battles were great though. For me, I preferred Silence as a movie about faith and how men destroy each other. I also enjoy risky narratives and focused character studies though. Yup. Big time nerd here hehehe.

    I really enjoyed Manchester though. It placed high on my Top 10 as well. Hidden Figures could be an honorable mention for me, and Fences would rank higher, but I think we liked a lot of the same movies this year. Thanks for making this list, it helps gauge your opinion a bit better.

    Check mine if you get a chance and lemme know why my picks suck 😉

    Loved diving into your Top 10, Rob. Thanks for posting this article.


  2. Wow, of your top ten, I’ve only seen Rogue One so far, but they seem like all fine choices. I still have high hopes for Passengers, despite all the bad reviews, and your inclusion of that gives me greater hope. Glad to see Life, Animated and Sing Street mentioned too.


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