Hello Again (1987)

hello-again“You clean? This is cleaning, right? My son is cleaning? I never thought I’d live to see the day… actually I didn’t. ” – Lucy

Number of Times Seen – At least twice (Cable in the 80’s and 12 Feb 2017)

Brief Synopsis – After accidentally choking to death, a socialite is brought back to life by her sister one year later.

My Take on it – This is a film I recall seeing back in the 80’s and didn’t remember much about it except for the fact that Shelly Long comes back to life in it.

I’m actually quite glad that that’s all I recalled because otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have watched this.

The story is silly but that is mainly because they took a great premise and just guttted it alomng the way.

The plot plods along extremely slowly and doesn’t flow like it probably should have.

One of the biggest problems here tho is the cast; it comprises some great TV actors of the 80’s (Long, Corbin Bernsen, Judith Ivey, Sela Ward) and a young Gabriel Byrne, but they all seem very miscast in their roles and things can’t go very far when it’s hard to believe in the characters.

Bottom Line – Not nearly as interesting and fun as it could have been.  Most of the cast seems completely miscast here (especially the leads) and the story pretty much limps along instead of flowing.  Keep away!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Hello Again opened at #2 in the Box Office earning $5,712,892 at its opening weekend and made $20,419,446 in its entire run. (From Wikipedia)

Rating – Razzie Worthy


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3 thoughts on “Hello Again (1987)

  1. Dreadful film. Fun fact about it, though. It came out about the time that a short-lived but very good movie magazine called Premiere was just ramping up. Premiere did an interesting article about this movie, and one of the tidbits I recall from it was that the producers and studio brass expected that this would be one of the biggest box office hits of all time. They were gearing up for a huge Star Wars, E.T. like success and were mystified that it didn’t do better. Whatever caused them to think that I have no idea, but it’s an example of how Hollywood people really do live in an alternate reality.

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