Hugo (2011)

“Maybe that’s why a broken machine always makes me a little sad, because it isn’t able to do what it was meant to do… Maybe it’s the same with people. If you lose your purpose… it’s like you’re broken. ” – Hugo

Number of Times Seen – 2 (21 Feb 2012 and 8 Mar 2017)

Brief Synopsis – A young orphan boy living in a train station in Paris finds an old animaton and tries to fix it by himself.

My Take on it – I was a bit skeptical when I contemplated watching this film for the first time especially when I heard that it was a kid’s story by Martin Scorsese.

I have enjoyed many of his gangster films and didn’t know what to expect from a premise like this one, but decided to give it a shot anyway.

I immediately feel in love with this film and I now believe that in some ways it is truly his best film because it is a near masterpiece in it’s ability to tell such an important and compelling story.

This film is a film maker’s love letter to the origins of cinema and we get to learn so much from this story about ourselves too.

Scorsese expertly uses old and new film making techniques to tell this amazing story.

The characters are all great and each has quite a unique quirk that helps endear them to us.

The music is this film is superbly used and I especially loved the use of Danse Macabre in key points of the story.

It still remains my favorite piece of Classical music and I immediately recognized it.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, cheek it out here:

This film is proof that Scorsese is capable of making an amazing film without the use of any violence what so ever because the story is told so amazingly.

This is one of the finest films in the genre of movies about movie making and the end brought me to tears because it gets so emotional.

I’m still amazed that The Artist (2011) was thought by The Academy to be a better film than this one.

Bottom Line – Amazing film that is one of Scorsese’s best films from a storytelling perspective.  The way the story flows is amazing and it is a love letter to the origins of film because it uses both new and old techniques in order to tell us such an amazing story about the roots of the film industry.  The characters are all great and they all have their own unique personality quirks which endears us to them.  The use of Danse Macabre in key points of the story adds so much flavor to the wondrous aspects of this film.  Proof that Scorsese is capable of making a non-violent film that can be even more powerful than most of his other work.  A much better representation of movie about the movies than any others in the genre.  Highly Highly Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – The opening track shot of the city ending at the train station was the very first shot designed and it took one year to complete. It required 1000 computers to render each frame required for the shot. (From IMDB)

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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