Movies From the Hat V #17 – Keith’s Pick – Hello, My Name is Doris (2015)

This is my 2966th Review

Thanks to Keith of Keith Loves Movies for this recommendation.

Here are his thoughts on the film.

“You’re a baller, Doris. Straight up! ” – John

Number of Times Seen – 1 (20 Mar 2017)

Brief Synopsis – A older woman has a crush on a much younger co-worker and wonders whether it would ever be possible for them to have a real relationship.

My Take on it – This is another film that I had heard about but didn’t really know enough in order to decide whether to watch it or not.

Thankfully, Keith made that decision for me.

Sally Field has always been a great actress and she manages very easily to transition into an elderly character for this story.

The premise has promise here, but the execution is a bit lacking.

The story itself waivers too much and doesn’t stay focused enough for it to be more engrossing a story.

I did like the way that they used dream sequences because they were shown in a way that you don’t always notice the transition to them and it allows for the blurring between dreams and reality.

Field has no chemistry whatsoever with any of the younger characters and despite this film trying to show how much she is out of her element, the attempts to integrate her into a younger element just don’t work well enough to be taken as plausible, serious or even realistic enough of a story.

Bottom Line – Field is fine here but the story itself needs a bit of work. Liked the way that they take advantage of dream sequences in a way where you always continue to question what is real and what is fantasy. The problem here is the total lack of chemistry between any of the characters and it takes away from the realism of the story.

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – About 25 minutes into the movie several co-workers are at a restaurant talking about relationships and Robert (Rich Sommer) talks about once daring a girl named Jennifer. As Harry Crane on Mad Men, Sommer’s wife was Jennifer. (From IMDB)

Rating – BAFTA Worthy


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