Movies From the Hat V #44 – Jay’s Pick – Romance & Cigarettes (2005)

This is my 2993rd Review

Thanks to Jay of Life Vs. Film for this recommendation.

Here are his thoughts on the film.

“Would you give me one more chance? Please? I’ll do anything! Anything! I’ll give you anything! I love you. Maybe I don’t know how to show it like they do in the movies or in books but I love. I have love to give.  – Nick

Number of Times Seen – 1 (27 Mar 2017)

Brief Synopsis – A married man having a side romance must decide whether he wants to stay with his wife and leave with his mistress.

My Take on it – This is a film that has a great idea because it deals with secrets and lies and how one can try to make right by them.

Unfortunately, the way this film was presented just doesn’t work to it’s advantage in the end.

The cast is quite good and is led by Susan Sarandon, James Gandolfini, Steve Buscemi, Christopher Walken and Kate Winslett, but they are all squandered here by the non-serious take on this idea.

The fact that this film spontaneously burst into music, singing and dancing and that really undermines the overall premise.

Bottom Line – Didn’t really like the way this film was presented to us.  I wanted to take the story seriously, but the injection of music followed by singing and dancing by the characters kept distracting me from that.  The overall idea is a good one, but the way it was done just didn’t work for me. Great cast that I feel was slightly wasted here.

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Writer-director John Turturro chose the songs featured in this film before he had secured their rights. While waiting for Gandolfini to be free from shooting The Sopranos (1999), the director went around to secure these rights from their songwriters and singers.  (From IMDB)

Rating –  BAFTA Worthy


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2 thoughts on “Movies From the Hat V #44 – Jay’s Pick – Romance & Cigarettes (2005)

  1. Its been a while since I saw this but I remember liking the numbers. In musicals, people sing to express emotions. Maybe the happy sounding ones were to mask the pain they are feeling.


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