The Flat (2011)

“When my grandmother died, I realized that my family lives only in the present, so I take home anything that smells 100 years old or older. For the first time in my life, I have a past. ” – Arnon Goldfinger

Number of Times Seen – 1 (2 Apr 2017)

Brief Synopsis – After his grandmother’s death, a documentarian uncovers some dark secrets of his family buried in the past.

My Take on it – I actually heard about this film a few years ago when my mother in law saw in during a course she was taking about movies that reflect history.

I always had it in the back of my head to see it but never got around to it until now.

I was immediately drawn in to this film due to the slow and mysterious way that director Arnon Goldfinger tells his story in such a realistic yet inventive way.

The main premise if searching through ones family history is a great one because it is so easy for most people to relate to.

Anyone who has tried to examine their family’s past will inevitably find hidden information but the clues that Goldfinger finds lead him on such an unexpected journey.

This documentary allows Goldfinger to act as a real detective while trying to seek out and decipher hidden clues from long lost relatives.

This is such a brave and courageous film because Goldfinger doesn’t really know where things are going and is never deterred in his quest even following pitfalls along the way.

The fact that Goldfinger was able to document this entire journey is amazing because he unknowingly is able to catch on film so much more than he probably ever dreamed he would be able to uncover just by having the camera rolling which makes this such a unique film.

Bottom Line – Great film because it’s so easy for most people to relate to  Whenever one examines their past so closely it is almost inevitable that things will unexpectedly appear. Goldfinger does a great job acting as a detective trying to see where the trail of the mystery will take him. Very courageous of him to be willing to share with us his discoveries along the way because nothing is ever as it seems. Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – The film won the 2012 Best Editing in a Documentary Feature Award in the Tribeca Film Festival World Documentary Competition. (From Wikipedia)

Rating – Globe Worthy


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