We Make Movies (2016)

“Movie magic, Garth. It’s called ‘movie magic.’ ” – Stevphen

Number of Times Seen – 1 (2 Apr 2017)

Brief Synopsis – A group of college students band together to try and get an independent movie made who’s plot is a mix of some of the greatest films ever made.

My Take on it – This was a refreshing film to watch because going in you know what kidn of quality you should expect from this film and then things are quickly turned on us because it goes places you never expected.

They do a great job giving us a realistic and funny look at the process of making an independent film.

The characters are all quite stereotypical but that makes us enjoy them even more because the biggest strength of this film is its ability to combine known archetypes and storylines from very familiar films and make a fun story out of it all.

It is quite clear how much of a movie lover the writer is because there are so many homages to so many films and I kept waiting in anticipation to see what references would come next.

The cast of this film works quite well because they all seem to have a bond or camaraderie which helps make us believe that this could happen and even feel extremely realistic due to that.

There are some scenes here that are a bit over the top, but it still doesn’t cause this film to lose it’s momentum because it is all built up quite well.

As a film lover, it was quite refreshing watching a behind the scenes look at how an independent film gets made.

Despite this being Writer/Director Matt Tory’s second full length film, I actually can’t wait to see what other ideas he has for us in the future since it’s clear to see how much he knows about keeping things interesting and unique while still using familiar ideas to help us relate to everything going on.

Bottom Line – Very funny and realistic look at the way independent films get made. The writing is great because it shows how much of a movie lover the writer is since he is able to weave together some of the best film plots every made over the years into a coherent yet interesting plot.  The cast is fun to watch and they all seem to have the kind of camaraderie that helps make things feel even more realistic. Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – It was funded through a large group of supporters on Kickstarter, and acted as Director Matt Tory’s Senior Thesis film as he graduated from Biola University. (From MattTory.com)

Rating – Globe Worthy


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