Temporal Top Ten – 1960

top ten

Number of movies seen from this year – 38
Number of movies reviewed –  40 (including 3 Encore Reviews)

This was quite a difficult year to rank because there are so many great films.

My #1 and #2 are both among my all time favorite films but #1 still was able to inch out the top spot.

Update – 3 Sep 2018 – Kapo is now #6 moving down all subsequent films.

Updated 3 Dec 2019 – Two Women is now #7 moving all subsequent films down accordingly.

Updated 1 Aug 2020 – The Hole is now #6 moving all subsequent films down one notch.




Honorable Mention – Sunrise at Campobello
Honorable Mention – The Alamo
Honorable Mention – Swiss Family Robinson
Honorable Mention – Exodus
10. The Magnificent Seven

9. The Dark at The Top of the Stairs

8. Two Women

7. Kapo

6. The Hole

5. Psycho
4. Spartacus
3. The League of Gentlemen
2. Inherit the Wind
1.  The Apartment

Here’s a complete list of movies that I’ve seen from 1960

  1. The Alamo
  2. The Angry Silence
  3. The Apartment  Encore Review
  4. Breathless
  5. BUtterfield 8
  6. The Dark at the Top of The Stairs
  7. The Day They Robbed the Bank of England
  8. Elmer Gantry
  9. Entertainer, The
  10. Exodus
  11. The Facts of Life
  12. The Hole
  13. Inherit the Wind          Encore Review
  14. Kapo
  15. La Dolce Vita
  16. The Last Voyage
  17. The League of Gentlemen              Encore Review
  18. The Magnificent Seven
  19. Midnight Lace
  20. Murder Inc.
  21. Never on Sunday
  22. Never Take Sweets From A Stranger
  23. Ocean’s 11
  24. Peeping Tom
  25. Please Don’t Eat the Daisies
  26. The Plunderers
  27. Pollyanna
  28. Psycho
  29. Sink the Bismarck
  30. Sons and Lovers
  31. Spartacus
  32. The Sundowners
  33. Sunrise at Campobello
  34. Swiss Family Robinson
  35. The Time Machine
  36. Two Women
  37. The Unforgiven
  38. Where the Boys Are

15 thoughts on “Temporal Top Ten – 1960

  1. Some of the movies here are on my ALL TIME Top Movies list – which means a few of them are way too far down on your list for 1960 only. Spartacus is in my all time top 20 – so at #17, way too low. Agree on The Apartment (Billy Wilder, like Hitchcock and John Ford and William Wyler and Spielberg, would have multiple movies in my all-time Top 50). Wilder had to keep talking Fred MacMurray into doing movies with him and playing against type – and he made a pair of classics – The Apartment and Double Indemnity. For 1960 only, Magnificent Seven is too low at #10. Psycho – a Hitchcock GEM is way too low at #15. His 5th Oscar nomination as Best Director (BTW – he NEVER won a competitive Oscar. Shame on the Academy).Pollyanna was terrific – but then when I saw it as a kid, I had a wicked crush on its lead actress, Hayley Mills (who won a special juvenile Oscar for her performance back when the Academy gave these out on an irregular basis). Elmer Gantry is excellent – a Richard Brooks special (although on the day the nominations were announced – he was overlooked as best director and his sports car was crushed by a truck in a traffic accident) – with a titanic, iconic, Oscar winning performance by Burt Lancaster. Of films not on your list – because you probably haven’t seen them – but would belong there if you had – Never on Sunday with Melina Mercouri, the Sundowners (about sheep farmers) with 2 superb performances by Deborah Kerr and Robert Mitchum and Sons and Lovers – which got 7 Oscar nominations that year. Also, happy to see both The Time Machine and The Last Voyage on your list. Last Voyage was famous for using an actual ship – about to be retired – and blowing it up (for real) for the movie. I also liked Midnight Lace, a Hitchcockian thriller with Doris Day and Rex Harrison. The Alamo was kid of a cheesy epic – with a good cast and directed by John Wayne, but waaaay too high on your list of releases for 1960. My favorite Alamo story was: Chill Wills, who was nominated for Best Supporting Actor, took out a series of ads in the trades touting his performance, and in one (over the top) ad – said that the cast and crew of the movie were praying as hard for his win as the real fighters at the real Alamo had prayed against Santa Ana’s army. Groucho Marx, a voting member of the Academy, took out his own ad, saying that he’d pray for him too, but he was voting for Sal Mineo in Exodus.

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      • I realized that after I hit “post” on my original comment. Your long list is the 22 you’ve seen listed alphabetically? And then the picture list is your top 10 culled from that. Get it. I’d still juggle things around on my own Top 10 for 1960 w/ only The Apartment, Spartacus, Psycho and Magnificent 7 making it at all – and all probably in the Top 5. Running out, but will get to your 1961 list next. Some great titles on that as well.

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