Announcing the “No, YOU’RE Crying!” Blogathon: Our Favorite Tearjerker Films

Check out this upcoming blogathon being run in May by Debra of Moon in Gemini! Hope you also plan to join in!


Time for a new blogathon! I invite you to contemplate the films that make you cry. That turn you to mush. That basically make you a total mess.

Films of any genre (except documentaries), from any country, made at any time are eligible for the blogathon.


Want to write about a film that’s not generally considered a “tearjerker” or “weepie” but gets to you emotionally anyway? That’s O.K.! What makes YOU teary-eyed is the only criteria.


You are not limited to writing about a single film. If you want to choose an overall topic (an overview of 1950s melodramas, or sentimentality in Charlie Chaplin’s films, for example) that is perfectly fine.


Two rules:

  1. No duplicates. However, if someone chooses an overall topic (i.e. the aforementioned 1950s and Chaplin films) it’s acceptable for others to pick individual films from that topic.
  2. Fictional films only. No television shows, no documentaries.

Short films are…

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