The Discovery (2017)

“Please don’t lose faith in me. ” – Lacey

Number of Times Seen – 1 (24 Apr 2017)

Brief Synopsis – After a scientist discovers the secret to the afterlife, the world becomes chaotic as more and more people decide to rush there.

My Take on it – This film is further proof that Netflix is truly a player in the field of making original films.

When they started making film a few years back, many people believed that their success was solely due to a fluke, but since then they have been able to prove again and again how talented they are in choosing unique films filled with controversial and risky themes to present to us to enjoy.

The premise here gives one so much to think about and they tease us with certain answers but still allow us to try and come to our own conclusions along the way.

The story unfolds in a great fashion, but dips a bit towards the end when they try too hard to go in a very unique direction.

The cast is superb and is led by Mara Rooney, Jason Segel and Robert Redford who are all great in these roles.

Their performances help make this film feel even more poignant because it seems to have come out at the perfect time since so many people in the world have begun to start questioning and pondering many of the themes dealt with in the film.

Let’s hope they keep making films on this level!

Bottom Line – Very interesting premise that gives us so much to think about.  The way the story unfolds works extremely well but drops off a bit by the end.  Excellent cast led by Rooney, Segel and Redford help make this such a poignant film that comes out during a time when many people in the world actually ponder the ideas brought forth here.  Once again proof that Netflix’s previous successes were not flukes because they give film makers the ability to tackle controversial, unique and risky themes.  Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Jason Segel claims that, while filming, he often “watch a lot of movies of Robert Redford when he was my age” in his free time for inspiration. He says Three Days of Condor (1975) was one of the most influential films on his acting for this role.  (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy


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