Forced Movies 2017 #10 – The Wrong Man (1956)

“An innocent man has nothing to fear, remember that. ” – Lt. Bowers

Number of Times Seen – 1 (8 May 2017)

Brief Synopsis – A simple man is accused of a crime he didn’t commit and must find a way to freedom

My Take on it – I have seen a number of Alfred Hitchcock’s films and this one is quite different than all of the other because of the way the story is told and it works much better in some ways than many of his other films.

The characters are developed quite well and we feel a sort of kinship to them and constantly wish for a way to help right the wrong that seemingly has occurred since we still aren’t 100% sure of the innocence of the main character.

The lead cast is superb and Henry Fonda and Vera Miles both give amazing performances here.

They both make us feel for their predicaments because of the way it is portrayed which makes the story feel even more realistic.

The story unravels at a great pace and keeps us interested the whole way through because we can easily relate to the simple characters and want to make sure that justice is eventually served based solely on the information that we are given.

It’s easy to put ourselves in the characters shoes and try to understand how they can react to such situations depicted here.

Bottom Line – Very different from most of Hitchcock’s other films and it works so well.  As we follow everything happening to the characters, we feel a kinship to them and keep wanting to try and right a wrong despite still having some doubts about whether he is truly innocent of the crime he is accused of. Fonda and Miles are both superb here and make us really feel for the predicaments of their characters because they seem so realistically portrayed. Highly Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – The scene where Henry (“Manny”) Fonda is taken to prison was filmed in a real prison. As he is led to his cell , you can hear one of the inmates yell out “What’d they get ya for, Henry??”, and a bunch of other prisoners laughing. (From IMDB)

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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6 thoughts on “Forced Movies 2017 #10 – The Wrong Man (1956)

  1. I’ve seen almost all of Hitchcock’s films (and had the privilege of meeting him twice while I was in film school – even got his autograph and got to shake his hand) and I’d put THE WRONG MAN in his mid-range. Nowhere near his classics (Psycho, The Birds, Vertigo, Rear Window, North By Northwest), probably a B/B-. Notable as the only film he did with Henry Fonda (he did more than one with Vera Miles…Psycho for example). Also – this movie is based on a true story – one he read about in the newspaper. So perhaps the restrictions of it being fact-based reined him in somewhat as opposed to the “based on” work he did like PSYCHO.


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