“Forced” Movies 2017 Recap



So I finally finished watching the 14 films that I was forced to watch by the winners and participants of my recent Blogiversary Contest.

Once again, I was forced to watch numerous films that are not in my normal comfort zone which is both good and bad.

Good because I doubt I would have watched most of them had I not been “forced” to do so.


Bad because I had to suffer through some movies I didn’t like at all.


Of the 14 films chosen, I was give:

6 Foreign Language Films (thankfully, two have dubbed versions) 🙂

2 Anime Films

2 Horror Films

I had only seen one of the films beforehand yet it was years ago before I started reviewing films.

Here are the 14 films listed in order of my favorite to least favorite

  1. The Wages of Fear (1953)
  2. The Wrong Man (1956)
  3. Train to Busan (2016)
  4. Grave of the Fireflies (1988)
  5. Pirate Radio (2009)
  6. Timecrimes (2007)
  7. The Grand Seduction (2013)
  8. In Bruges (2008)
  9. Man Bites Dog (1993)
  10. The Reivers (1969)
  11. Deep Blue Sea (1999)
  12. Perfect Blue (1997)
  13. The Private Lives of Pippa Lee (2009)
  14. Ride With the Devil (1999)

Overall, I enjoyed more of these than not and I want to once again give a HUGE thanks to all 6 people who “forced” me to watch these films!








One thought on ““Forced” Movies 2017 Recap

  1. Congrats on wading through them all (a couple of which I’ve never even heard of) and living to tell the tale. A couple in your bottom half (Reivers and In Bruges) would be far higher on my list, but that’s what makes a horserace, as they say.

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