Announcing the Christopher Plummer Movie Blogathon!

Reminder about the upcoming Christopher Plummer Blogathon being held at June 4-10.
Hope you all plan to participate!

It’s time for another movie blogathon!

When it comes to character actors, there are ordinary character actors…and then there’s Christopher Plummer. This amazing, versatile Canadian, one of the greatest screen (and stage) thespians that our mild-mannered neighbor to the north has ever produced, has been entertaining us for almost 60 years now, and from his formidable talents, smooth but commanding voice and his effortless ability to slip into any role, he’s created some of the most enduring and memorable characters on the screen. From the musical Austrian father in The Sound of Music in 1965–his best-known role, or at least his best-known early role–to the whiskered, philosophical Leo Tolstoy in 2010’s The Last Station, and his turn in the next year’s Beginners which finally won him, at 82, his first Academy Award, Christopher Plummer has brought some amazing characters to life and carried too many films to count. He’s…

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One thought on “Announcing the Christopher Plummer Movie Blogathon!

  1. A terrific actor. Deserving of his Oscar for BEGINNERS. Also – one of the better villains in one of the better Star Treks (# VI – The Undiscovered Country) and scary as hell as a deranged baddie who dresses as Santa Claus during Xmas season to rob banks in The Silent Partner (also one of Elliott Gould’s better roles). He goes from quiet, smooth menace to full blown off the charts homicidal crazy in a heartbeat. This small thriller slipped through the cracks – but I saw it when it came out and got others to watch when it was on cable – all to unanimous praise. If it’s on DVD – get it and watch.


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