Dirty Work (1998)

“So there you are, tubby. Look like a bucket of lard on a bad day. You baby gorilla. Why don’t you work in a zoo, and stop bothering people? Got a call yesterday from Baskin Robbins. They said that they’re down to only five flavors. You’re swelling up as I talk to you. ” – Mr. Hamilton

Number of Times Seen – 1 (16 May 2017)

Brief Synopsis – Two friends start up a revenge for hire business when they need to raise $50,000 for a heart transplant for one of their fathers.

My Take on it – I have been a fan of Norm MacDonald for years and after reading his autobiography last week, I realized that in addition to his hilarious work on Saturday Night Live in the 90’s, his stand up specials, his TV shows and his constant play by play updates via twitter, he actually wrote a film that was made in the late 90’s.

I immediately took it upon myself to track down a copy and watch it.

I was actually laughing the whole way through because the antics of these characters are so very funny.

MacDonald was born to play a character like this and the fact that he created it hmself makes the character seem completely believable.

They actually are able to enact revenge on other characters in a way that we all wish we could do to people who have wronged us over the years, but have never had the guts to actually follow through.

The story itself works on various levels and it’s hard not to like the two main characters because despite being losers, they are extremely funny.

This film was directed by Bob Saget, yes THAT Bob Saget who’s comedy is much raunchier than one would expect from the head of the Full House family.

Saget was a great choice to direct this film because he knows how to walk the fine line between wholesome and going too far.

The supporting cast list in this movie is quite impressive and they were able to get so many recognizable actors on board to take part in this; Chevy Chase, Don Rickles, Jack Warden, Artie Lang, Chris Farley, Traylor Howard, Cristopher McDonald, Rebecca Romijn, Gary Coleman, John Goodman and Adam Sandler.

Chase and Rickles stand out as the funniest of these supporting roles but all of those listed above add new dimensions to the hilarity of the movie.

The story turns out to be a bit kitschy but it still is extremely fun to watch.

It’s too bad that Norm never made any other of his ideas into movies afterwards. 😦  Maybe now, after nearly twenty years, he’s ready to try and do so again!

Bottom Line – Interesting premise that works on various levels.  MacDonald is perfect here as the lead because he can play this kind of character in his sleep. Impressive list of supporting actors have some great parts in this film.  Chase and Rickles both clearly stand out tho as the best of the lot.  The characters do many things here that we would all wish to be able to do ourselves to people who have wronged us over the years yet something in our psyche stops us from doing so.  Despite it all being a bit kitschy, it’s still extremely fun to watch. Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – This movie came out months after Norm MacDonald was fired from Saturday Night Live (1975). When it was out in theaters, none of the shows on NBC were allowed to advertise it (From IMDB)

Rating – BAFTA Worthy


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