Nick of Time (1995)

“Well, I’d like to hear about your problem, but the ride’s over. That will be $3.50. I hope your problem doesn’t have anything to do with my $3.50?” – Hackney cab Driver

Number of Times Seen – Between 3-5 Times (Cable and 20 May 2017)

Brief Synopsis –A man is given an hour to assassinate the governor or his young daughter will be killed.

My Take on it – Before it became fad to film movies in real time ala 24, it was quite uncommon for a film to try and utilize this effect to its full potential. 

This film does just that. 

The fact that the main character played by Johnny Depp is given a real time deadline helps raise the stakes of it all because we know that they are not playing with the clock in this story.

This film was made towards the earlier part of his career and since he had yet to reach real stardom, it’s easy to believe that he is a young father willing to do anything for his young daughter.

Even after 22 years, the thrills in this film hold up exceptionally well and the momentum works effectively to keep the suspense going the whole way through.

Besides Depp, the supporring cast works very well here with Christopher Walken, Marsha Mason, Peter Strauss and Charles S. Dutton all giving nice performances.

Bottom Line – Really fun thriller that still works after 22 years. Depp is fascinating in this role because we can easily put ourselves in his place which raises the thrills to an even higher level. Loved the real time aspect of the film which is perfectly utilized for full effect.  Great supporting cast. Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – One of the most remarkable film sequences involved one seamless take, during which Johnny Depp and Christopher Walken board a glass-walled elevator, and ride 35 floors to the top of Los Angeles’ Bonaventure hotel. Crammed into the confines of the elevator with the actors, were Director John Badham, Cinematographer Roy H. Wagner, Focus-puller Todd Slyapich, Sound Mixer Willie D. Burton, Boom Operator Marvin E. Lewis, and Script Supervisor Barbara Thaxton. Given the fact that the elevator was glass from top to bottom, was lit by eight Kino Flo lamps, ensuring that camera and crew reflections were not captured on film, was quite an exercise, in and of itself. (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy


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