Before I Fall (2017)

“How is it possible to change so much and not be able to change anything at all? ” – Samantha

Number of Times Seen – 1 (22 May 2017)

Brief Synopsis – A teenager must relive the final day of her life over and over in order to find a way to fix things.

My Take on it – This is a film I went into with no expectations what so ever.

I didn’t expect to be blown away and definitely just expected a typical teen angst drama.

Boy was I wrong!

I enjoyed every minute of this story so much and didn’t want it to end.

They are able to tell us such and interesting tale and they do so in such a compelling way.

The characters are all fun and enjoyable to watch and we never doubt for a second if they are real or not because they all feel so genuine.

For me, at least, the cast was filled with actors and actresses that I hadn’t encountered elsewhere and this perhaps helped me believe this story even more.

The gimmick used here of having a character keep reliving the same day works extremely well in this story because each time we see the day played out, we learn new and interesting things about the characters, their lives and of course the story and mystery of it all.

Each time that the day is relived, we are constantly surprised by the overall outcome.

I actually feel so inspired from this story that I plan to now read the novel it was based on.

I also can’t what to see what the author, Lauren Oliver has in store for us in the future.

Bottom Line – Such a great story that is told in a compelling way. I wasn’t familiar with any of the cast yet they all come across as genuine and make us believe their characters are real people. The “gimmick” of reliving the same day never gets old and they retell only the essential parts of each day so we are constantly surprised at the given outcome each and every time.  I’m inspired to read this book based of how much I enjoyed this film and can’t wait to see what other gems the author Lauren Oliver has in store for us all. Highly Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – One of many movies where the protagonist must relive the same day over again in a loop. Other examples include: Groundhog Day, 12:01, Edge of Tomorrow, I Do I Do I Do, 12 Dates of Christmas, Pete’s Christmas, and Source Code. (From IMDB)

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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11 thoughts on “Before I Fall (2017)

  1. I agree with you on how good this film is. Unexpected for me as well as I knew nothing more than what I gleaned from the trailer (that a teenaged girl is reliving the same day over and over). I had not read the novel nor would I consider myself to be even remotely in the target demographic for this movie. But it was really well told and well acted and surprising and had me guessing (and hoping) right til the end.
    Where I would disagree with you is you’re calling the characters “…all fun and enjoyable…” Not even close. That would be a description for Groundhog Day, not Before I Fall. The main group are a bunch of cliquey “Mean Girls” which is the whole point and the crux of the plot and the focus on the one girl stuck in the time warp is getting an opportunity to do it over and over and over again to try to make amends for the wrongs and the cruelties meted out to the one girl who used to be her friend. That’s the point of the circular day. There was nothing fun and enjoyable about it. But it was very well written and acted. And I did recognize a number of the young actresses in the movie (even though in some cases I had to remind myself where I’d seen them before.) The picked on girl, Elena Kampouris, I’d actually seen on Broadway in “Les Liaisons Dangeurese”. the lead – Zoey Deutsch – is a ringer for her mother – Lea Thompson – who played Michael J. Fox’s mom in the Back To The Future Movies, and Jennifer Beals who played Zoey’s Mom in THIS movie (in basically a one big scene cameo) is the star of FLASHDANCE and “The L Word” on TV.

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    • i actually recognized beals but couldnt place the name. had no clue that zoey is lea’s daughter… Wow! yes. they are mean girls but still refreshing to watch it from the inside view


      • If you look at Lea’s movies from 30 years ago – Zoey looks so much like her from some angles that it’s scary. And her father Howard Deutsch is a film director.


  2. I am so surprised to hear you describe the characters as fun. I thought they were irredeemably unlikable and I didnt see enough change to be convinced all this time changing helped any of them be better. It’s shame because it is well made but I couldn’t stand those girls


    • I made the same comment. There was nothing “fun” about these characters and I referred to them as “mean girls”. And I would say that the one main character – played by Zoey Deutsch – around whom the repeated day revolved – was the lone redeemable girl in the bunch. It was the repeated day that showed her what her actions had done – and it was her impetus to try to relive AND change things for the better,

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