Play To the Whistle Blogathon – We Are Marshall (2006)

This is my first of two reviews for the Play to the Whistle Blogathon being held by Kira of Film and TV 101 and Josh of Reffing Movies.

Tnx guys for letting me take part!

“One day, not today, not tomorrow, not this season, probably not next season either but one day, you and I are gonna wake up and suddenly we’re gonna be like every other team in every other sport where winning is everything and nothing else matters. And when that day comes, well thats, thats when we’ll honor them. ” – Jack

Number of Times Seen – 3 (25 Dec 2006, Sep 2009 and 23 May 2017)

Brief Synopsis – After a tragic airplane accident that claims the lives of the local University Football team, the members of the community and school must find a way to heal.

My Take on it – This is a movie that has moved me so much each time that I’ve seen it.

I’m personally not the biggest fan of sports, but they take the idea of a sports movie to a completely different level.

This is a story that shows how so many diverse people are affected in differing ways when their worlds are torn apart by tragedy.

The question that they all must deal with is “How can you move on after such an event.”

The why is quite clear yet I loved the way that they show us both individual and communal healing process at the same time.

They also got to show us how far reaching this event was when we got to see some distant people and places and how they deal with the idea from a respectful and mournful way.

The cast is superb and each of the stars give us a slightly different perspective to see this communal tragedy from; we get the new coach, the surviving coach, the grieving father of the star quarterback, the fiancee of a player, a surviving player and also a University official.

Each of their stories are compelling and cathartic to watch.

Matthew McConaughey, Matthew Fox, Ian McShane, Kate Mara, Anthony Mackie and David Strathairn all are wonderful n this film.

The entire healing process of these characters (and others) is quite heartfelt mainly due to the fact that although none of the individuals are on their own in the process, each must deal with different issues and most of us can relate to at least one or more of the processes along the way.

This is truly a sports film with lots of heart and might even make you shed a tear or two.

Bottom Line – Amazingly emotional film that gives us a view of sport from the heart instead of just the plays on the field. The healing process described and shown here is truly heartfelt and there are numerous scenes that really wanna make you cry.  Loved the way that they focused on some of the individuals personally affected yet showed us how the whole event affected people and places away from the town and the respect they all gave while helping the healing process. Great cast led by McConaughy, Fox, McShane, Mara, Mackie and Strathairn who help represent the diverse types of people affected by this event. Highly Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – During training camp, coach Lengyl tells one player to “Head slap the shit out of him” if the opposing player goes for his knees. The NCAA and NFL banned the head slap in the mid 1970’s because of the head injuries it caused. (From IMDB)

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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