Announcing the Colours Blogathon

Check out this new Blogathon being run by Catherine of Thoughts All Sorts!

Hope you plan to partake just like me!

Thoughts All Sorts

I’ve been blogging for just over 2 years now and become addicted to Blogathons. I think it is high time I brave the hosting side of it. So…here you go:


8  &  9September217

Megaphone2I know I’m early with announcing but I’m sooooo excited. Have another one in mind but I’ll just have to restrain myself for a few more months.

There are so many movies with a colour forming part of the title. Hence, the rule is simple: pick a movie that has a colour forming part of the title and share your thoughts. In any language. So, ‘Moulin Rouge’ would be perfectly acceptable. I’ll also accept ‘Gold’ or ‘Golden’ as colours.

Once you’ve made your…

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2 thoughts on “Announcing the Colours Blogathon

  1. Great blogathon idea. I’ll touch base with one of my all time favorite action/thrillers: BLACK SUNDAY with Robert Shaw and Bruce Dern.


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