Random Harvest (1942)

“Sometimes, especially when we’ve been closest, I’ve had the curious feeling that I remind you of someone else – someone you once knew… someone you loved as you’ll never love me. I am nearly the one, Charles. But nearly isn’t enough for a lifetime. ” – Kitty

Number of Times Seen – 1 (7 Jun 2017)

Brief Synopsis – Following World War I, a wounded soldier with no memory of his past must find a way to live his life.

My Take on it – I hadn’t even heard of this film until recently and then I was told by numerous people that I had to finally watch it.

I am so glad I did!

This was such a great story and I remained captivated the entire time.

For a film made 75 years ago, it deals with so many ideas and issues that were before its time.

It is so easy to care for the characters because the audience knows who everyone really is yet the characters do not.

We yearn for them to find out before they made life changing decisions and constantly root for a happy ending that may or may not come.

I actually find it interesting that a film dealing with shell shock and memory loss would be made while the war was raging in Europe because the issues might hit too close to home for too many people.

This film was nominated for 7 Oscars yet failed to win any of them which is a shame.

I can understand how and why Mrs. Miniver (1942) won, yet I still believe that this film is the better of the two.

Bottom Line – Such a great premise that works so well.  It’s so easy to care for the characters here and the fact that we know what is happening while they are in the dark makes us want to shout at them in order for them to see the truth.  Very interesting that a story like this was produced while the war raged on in Europe because of how close to home many of the scenes would hit family members of those fighting abroad.  I understand why Mrs. Miniver (1942) was selected over this one as Best Picture in such turbulent times, but I still think this is a much better story of the two films.

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – When they shooting wrapped, the usually reticent Ronald Colman said, “This is one picture I hate to finish!” (From IMDB)

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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