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“Go and have your own experiences with your own people. I-I’ll be right here. I’m a human. I’m not a dog. And-and you’re a Jack Russell and that’s a breed. Your personality was created by this guy John Russell, who was a hunting enthusiast in the 1800’s, and he bred your ancestors for their stamina and their courage for the hunt. You think you’re you and you want to chase the foxes, but… other people planted that in you years ago, and now, somewhat arbitrarily, you’re considered very cute by us humans, and we keep breeding you not to… not to chase foxes, but to be cute, and we put you in television shows, and movies, and… and you’re chasing tennis balls because they’re as close to a fox as you’re gonna get. ” – Oliver

Number of Times Seen – 1 (26 Jan 2012 and 8 Jun 2017)

Brief Synopsis – After his mother dies, a graphic artist must learn to deal with the fact that his 75 year old father recently announced he is gay and begins exploring his new life.

My Take on it – This is a film that I saw a few years back and was quite impressed with the story that is told to us.

The concept here is quite interesting and once one realizes that most of this story is based on truth, it’s even more interesting to watch.

The idea of making a new beginning at a later point in life is a very interesting one and they do a great job of showing how such decisions not only affect the person who makes the changes but his immediately family member.

Both Christopher Plummer and Ewen McGregor are superb here and it’s easy to believe that the newfound connection between their characters is real.

Plummer deservingly won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for this role.

I also really enjoyed the way that they use visuals to show the vast differences between perceptions during the many years that the story takes place.

Bottom Line – Very interesting concept that is even more powerful when one realizes that it is somewhat based on truth. Plummer and McGregor are both spectacular here and we truly feel a newfound connection between their characters when their lives are changed.  The visuals shown here about the vast changes over the years as to how people perceive and see things was quite enjoyable to watch unfold. Plummer deservingly won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for this role. Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – At 82 years of age, Christopher Plummer won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for this film and became the oldest person to ever win an Oscar for acting. (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy


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13 thoughts on “The Christopher Plummer Movie Blogathon – Beginners (2010)

  1. Agree with your take. Terrific movie and a splendid performance by Plummer to win his Oscar. Interesting side note – this was a biographical piece by the film’s writer/director – who concentrated on his father’s coming out late in life. His mother was also a character in the film, but a supporting one – who passes away. Last year – the same writer/director did “20th Century Women” – also autobiographical – this time – concentrating on the character of his mother (played in the film by Annette Bening). I hated it. Strange, because I loved the character of the mother in Beginners, but in 20th Century Women – she didn’t work for me at all. All the eccentricities etc. of the mother and the oddball characters who lived in her home – were grating and off-putting and the story was not nearly as intriguing as I found the one about his father.

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