RFK (2002)

“Even so, I gotta have you inside the tent pissin out than outside pissin in” – LBJ

Number of Times Seen – 2 (27 Mar 2009 and 14 Jun 2017)

Brief Synopsis – Biography of Bobby Kennedy during the days leading up to his brothers assassination until that fateful day in 1968 at the California Primaries.

My Take on it – Many biographical films fail because they try to tell a very ambitious story in such a short run time.

This is where this film also falters.

The story of RFK is quite an important one and trying to tell the story if the five most critical years of his life in only 90 minutes is already setting yourself up to fail.

Most of the story feels glossed over due to this and instead of expanding and lingering on key moments, they mostly feel rushed along and therefore lose much of the impact.

Linus Roach is a great choice to play RFK because their is a resemblance between them and he does quite a good job in this role.

James Cromwell tho steals every scene he appears in a LBJ and in some ways comes across as a much more powerful figure than Bobby could ever try to become.

It’s really a shame that they didn’t try and make this biopic much longer and allow it to tell the truly great story of this ordinary man who saw a need to do greater things and naturally found a way to step up in order to accomplish as much as he could.

As much as I’ve always admired JFK for everything he was able to accomplish in his short life, I think RFK was a more tragic figure because his rise was not predetermined by his family and he got to where he needed to because he wanted to help others instead of just trying to promote himself.

Bottom Line – Tries to tell too large a story in such a short time frame. Lots of parts of the story feel glossed over and rushed due to this. Roach is quite good as RFK and even resembles him most of the time. Cromwell does a great job as LBJ and steals every scene he is in.

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Linus Roach was nominated for a Golden Globe for this role. (From IMDB)

Rating – BAFTA Worthy


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